about isocard

The International Society of Camelid Research and Development is a non-political, non-religious and non profit federation of camelid scientists or similar scientific and professional associations.

The objectives of this Society are: 

-  To give international scientific status for camelid sciences.

 - To promote the camelid science and practice.

 - To promote the contributions of camelid scientists to the development of camelid farming

 - To promote scientific publications in camelid fields.

 - To set high standards in camelid education and training.

 - To promote standards of health and welfare in camelids.

 - To organise International camelid Conference every 3 years.

 - To encourage the exchange of information on camelid interest between the members and different networks and involved organizations.
- To establish and maintain relations with other organisations whose interests are related to the objectives of the society.


Founders  of ISOCARD

Bernard Faye (France)

Ghaleb Alhadrami (UAE)

Mohammed Bengoumi (Morocco)

Ahmed Tibary (USA)

our meetings
Visit of the Executive Committee Members of ISOCARD to Kazakhstan, 2014
• The World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Reproduction
http://www.wcgalp.com/wcgalp18Feb 11-16, 2018), Auckland, New Zealand.
• The 2018 Annual Conference of the International Committee for Animal Recording
http://www.icar2018.nz/icar18Feb 7-11, 2018, Auckland, New Zealand